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Looking for the best excel package that open source laravel has to offer. We gathered the packages with the most features and the fastest importers.

Lets start with the most one used.

  1. 0. Maatwebsite/excel

    The go-to package for anything in Laravel. This package has everything you want. Imports and exports. The package allows you to get started as quickly as 5 minutes.

    While the package is the most downloaded on this list it is not as fast as the next package.
  2. 1. Rap2hpoutre/fast-excel

    If you have that need for speed then this is your package. Fast-excel allows you to do fast in and exports. Note that the goal of this package is to go fast, meaning that it might not have all the features you need. make sure to check the features you need are included.

    Below you can see the benchmarks performed by the author.

    Name Average memory peak usage Execution time
    Laravel Excel 123.56 M 11.56 s
    FastExcel 2.09 M 2.76 s
  3. 2. Laravel csv seeder

    Now you might ask why this package, is in here. And you are right. It is not like the other packages on this list. It is something you help you develop faster locally. Laravel csv seeder allows you to use a csv to fill your database, no more creating huge seeder files. Use a csv file!

    The package support even big files.


In conclussion, there is no best laravel package for everyones excel needs. It all depends on your requirements. For most use cases we recommend you to use maatwebsite/excel. But if you need that speed use rap2hpoutre/fast-excel.

Laravel Packages

Package Pages

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