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Hacktoberfest is the open source event of the year, let me explain why you need to participate!

Hacktoberfest is the yearly event that happens in October of every year whereby the good people at DigitalOcean, appwrite, and docker want to encourage you to contribute to open source. They want to offer you something in return: a tree in your name or a hacktoberfest t-shirt.

How to participate:

In simple terms, to participate in hacktoberfest you need to create 4 mr/pr in any hacktoberfest accepting open-source repositories. The 4 mr/pr have to be accepted to be counted.

For the full list of requirements please see:

Why to participate:

Now that you know how, let's look at why. For me, the most important reasons are:

  1. 1. Get to know people in the open source community!
  2. 2. Learn new languages or new frameworks.
  3. 3. Get feedback on your code.
  4. 4. Get an awesome t-shirt or a tree in your name.
  5. 5. The honor to call yourself a hacker.

if you are just as excited about this as me then join here:

Laravel Packages

Package Pages

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